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Do you want to sell a property? We give you a hand to find the solvent buyer.

Do you want to sell your apartment, flat, house or business and do not know where to start?

At Grasset Real Estate Services we can help you sell your property under the most advantageous conditions. We have been on the Costa Daurada since 1965, we know all the ins and outs of the real estate business and we are experts in the area, La Pineda beach, Salou or Cambrils are our usual playing field.

We make the process of selling a property easy.

Selling a property can be an expensive process that requires significant dedication and attention to many details:

  • Organize a good promotion, announce the sale of the property through analog (our showcase, local press) and digital channels (our website, social media, real state portals), with which potential buyers will be contacted.
  • Specify a schedule of visits and be able to attend them.
  • Understand the needs of the potential buyer and his/her expectations of price and location.
  • Know the fluctuations of the real estate market and the nuances of sales prices that apply to the area at all times.
  • Understand the law, the documentary and bureaucratic procedures with which a pre-agreement of sale or a deposit contract is signed, as well as the taxes and certificates that are required by the administration before, during and after entering the notary's office.

Join the team of winning professionals.

At Grasset Servicios Inmobiliarios we like to team up with you, we know what the pillars are on which the successful sale of your apartment, flat, house or premises is based.

Establishing an adequate, attractive market price, according to the state of the property and the area where it is located, is the first step, the correct appraisal of the same allows you to quickly find solvent clients interested in making an offer for your property.

Make your property stand out from the rest of your competition, how? Preparing your property! At Grasset Real Estate Services we can give you access to powerful sales tools: Home Staging and professional photography, among others, to highlight the virtues that make your property stand out and make it stand out from the average.

Prepared for success, have all the necessary documentation ready to formalize the sale: certificate of occupancy, energy certificate, the IBI receipt, the community debt certificate (if any). . . all of them essential documents that the notary will require.

Know the taxes to be settled as an owner, avoid last minute surprises, download the smart owner's guide here

If you want a high-value collaborator to sell your apartment, flat, house or premises on the Costa Daurada, call us or come visit us and we'll talk. We will visit and appraise your property, agree on a sale price and integrate it into our portfolio of properties for sale.