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Apartment for sale in the Eixample area of ​​Salou

You have the possibility of living like this: in a cozy apartment, about fifty square meters, in a family building, with the great advantage of being only two neighbors per floor.

This house has an updated bathroom -with shower- and kitchen, where communication with a gallery exists to accommodate a pantry and laundry area.

The living room leads to a long balcony, where you can have breakfast, eat, read a book or simply sit to enjoy the views.

The master bedroom shows the necessary space for a good storage area and allows the rest and relaxation necessary in your day to day.

It also has a second bedroom that allows shelter for the smallest members of the house, or create a work or study area for any of the family members.

So, if you want comfort as well as disconnection, this home is for you. The hectic rhythm of the routine will not affect you, because in this island of comfort you will find the oasis of well-being that you are looking for in Salou.
This is a first floor without a lift.
Energy certification in process.

Инвентарный номер объекта: 01.211122
Апартаменты / этаж
Для покупки
112.500 €

Apartment for sale in the Eixample area of ​​Salou Вам понравилось? Интересно, правда?

Пришло время посетить нас и воочию убедиться в том, что Вы выбрали.

Позвоните нам и мы договоримся о встрече.

Телефон в Испании (34)977-371-778 Телефон 621 220 532

Email: info@grasset.es


Характеристики недвижимости

Состояние недвижимости:
Общая площадь поверхности 53 m²
Основные помещения: 2
Ванны: 1
Зона гостиной: 10 m²
Кухня: Independent
Входная дверь: Seguretat
Полы: Gres
Окна: Doble
Столярные работы в помещении: Fusta
Наружные столярные работы: Alumini
Мебель: Funcional
Охлаждение: No n'hi ha
Корпус с: Jardí

Близлежащие услуги и сооружения

  • Коммерческие районы: Without large trips, without having to take the car, you have different shops very close to provide you with the products you need every day
  • Спортивные зоны: You like sports? Well, near this property you will find excellent sports equipment

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