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Room in the Cap de Salou of 8.12m2 very close to the sea, ideal to store your belongings for the sports practice of snorkeling, diving, surfing ... and showering when you return from training.

Identifier: 001.01066
12.000 €

Room in Cap de Salou ¿What do you think about it? Interesting, really?

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Tel: 977 371 778 o 621 220 532

Email: info@grasset.es


Features of the property

Total surface area 8 m²
Cooling: No n'hi ha

Nearby services and facilities

  • Schools: If you come to live in La Pineda with your family and need educational facilities, La Pineda has a primary school, so your children will have the school very close to home. And when they are older, they will be able to study in Vila-seca with a convenient and practical bus service!
  • Commercial areas: Without making large trips, you can buy in nearby supermarkets and hypermarkets, which you will find both in Vila-seca and Salou. And without having to take the car, in La Pineda, you have different shops very close to provide you with the products you need every day: food stores, patisseries and bakeries, personal hygiene stores and restaurants. In La Pineda you can find everything!
  • Sports areas: Do you like to play sports? If so, near this property you will find excellent sports facilities, both in La Pineda and Vila-seca. Also, if you practice outdoor sports, it is a great area for running, cycling, walking on the beach and in the mountains. Are you going to miss it?
  • Cultural centres: La Pineda is a cultural center for the whole family: here you can participate in the cultural activities that are organized throughout the year and actively experience a good neighborhood atmosphere. In addition, in Vila-seca, the town next door, you can enjoy more cultural offerings: horse shows, festivals, music auditorium, theater, etc. And not least: we are very close to Tarragona, an important city in terms of culture. Enjoy!
  • Green and walking areas: La Pineda is surrounded by green areas and parks: no matter where you are, you will find a large green area to go for a walk with the family, or to read, sit and look at the sea or walk calmly and find with oneself. There are also playgrounds for the little ones in the house to enjoy.

¿Do you need more information about this property? Please contact us.